Sing along by downloading our lyrics pack below, and watch BSL videos to accompany every song

We are over the moon to present the following videos to accompany the songs from Goldi, Red & Gingerbread! 

We had quite the team working on these! You’ll meet our performers Raffie Julien, Caro Parker and Alex Nowak. We had consultancy on BSL from Donna Mullings, and they were all co-created with Becky Barry. Videos were filmed, edited and captioned by Richard Swainson. 

We hope you enjoy! 

  1.  Three from Goldilocks & The Three Bears

2.  Porridge from Goldilocks & The Three Bears

3. Walking in the Woods from Goldilocks & The Three Bears

4. The ‘I Want’ Song from Goldilocks & The Three Bears

5. Just Right from Goldilocks & The Three Bears

6. Dress Up from Little Red Riding Hood

7. Gran Flu Blues from Little Red Riding Hood

8. I’m a Big Bad Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood

9. When Something Has Eaten You Up from Little Red Riding Hood

10. Dress Up Finale from Little Red Riding Hood

11. Cakes! Buns! Pies! from The Gingerbread Man

12. We Bake and Whisk and Fold and Roll and Sprinkle! from The Gingerbread Man

13. Run, Run As Fast As You Can! from The Gingerbread Man

14. The Other Side of the River (The Fox Song)
 from The Gingerbread Man

15. Cakes! Buns! Pies! Reprise from The Gingerbread Man

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